jeudi 13 juin 2013

Bunraku and next generation robotics

© 2013, Lirobia
Bruno Rives, creator of the Lirobia robot, and myself, project manager, have been studying robots for ten years, living among and with us. We are convinced that, for its numerous applications, it is essential for the robot to express feelings, in order for the user to connect with him and develop a common touch.

In 2010, we planned a study trip on robotics in Osaka, Japan, and met there M. Shinobu Nakagawa. We were impressed by his visionary approach. M. Nakagawa was product designer at Panasonic and is now leading conferences at the Osaka University of Arts.
He has been involved in several projects in robotics with his students, with a main focus on designing motion and expressions of the robot’s feelings by mimicking puppets from traditional Japanese theater known as “bunraku”.

M. Nakagawa said, “When we talk to a machine, it responds and reacts. I think the basis for a good relationship between a human being and a 21st century machine must be found through a two-way communication. And I think robots are a symbol of this relationship.”

As soon as we introduced the project, we found an attentive ear from M. Nakagawa and now have the privilege to count him within our team. Based on specifications and functions we provided, you will soon discover and appreciate the conjunct effort from M. Nakagawa and Lirobia.

Haruko Tsujita.