jeudi 20 juin 2013

Pio – Next generation robot – Cetelem

Pio, the robot from Lirobia I had the chance to create, is shown for the first time upon BNP Paribas/Cetelem’s 60th anniversary.
The delivery was tough; the revolutionary material used for its body, which hasn’t been studied enough, cracked during assembly. Fortunately, the electronic paper display, based on E-Ink technology, keeps the eyes wide opened and expressive.
That’s the lab mode. It allows clients to understand the line they shouldn’t cross, while challenging our teams and our reactivity. In less than 12 hours, we introduced a concept that matched our aim perfectly: the robot’s leg, designed by Jieldé, was released in the early 50s and the head, with its movements inspired by Bunraku and designed by Japanese Shinobu Nakagawa and French Alain Brux, from the years 2013 to 2033.
Pio is a tribute to Alberto Pio, printing sponsor of Greek teacher Aldo Manuzio, inventor of the modern book and an inspiration for Steve Jobs, Alan Kay and countless typography enthusiasts.