vendredi 1 mars 2013

New generation robotics - ambient intelligence

Lirobia was set up at the end of 2012 to develop new generation robots and ambient intelligence systems in a rapidly-expanding global marketplace. This venture has emerged from several years of experimentation with technology trends and applications, upon the impetus of the founding partners’ first meeting in 2012.

It is based on several convictions. On one hand, there are considerable market and technological opportunities (connected devices, augmented reality, emergence of service robots, new components, etc.), on the other hand, there are clearly unsatisfied needs with a myriad of possible solutions but increasingly complex digital systems (interaction and mediation needs, cognitive behavior-based robotics, etc.) and current robots are either unadapted or too complex and expensive.

We, at Lirobia, want to be key players of this exciting adventure.

Frédéric Roux, CEO